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Climate Change Vehicle Air Conditioning

Climate Change Vehicle Air Conditioning is focused on providing a high quality Mobile Vehicle Air Conditioning Service to the trade or public.

  • Re-gassing / Re-charge
  • Servicing
  • Compressor /  Condenser / Receiver Drier / Radiator Replacement  
  • System Flushing
  • Computer Diagnostic Analysis 
  • Oxygen Free Nitrogen Leak Testing
  • U/V Dye Leak Testing
Mobile Vehicle Air Conditioning Heating & Refrigeration Specialist providing a complete service at affordable prices.

I handle the latest HFO-1234yf, R134a & R12 (Direct drop in replacement) systems used in older vehicles pre-1993.
HFO-1234yf is the latest refrigerant that has been introduced into some newer models 2012 onward.

I will do everything I can to meet your expectations.

Climate Change Vehicle Air Conditioning

Car air conditioning is certainly one subject which appears to be shrouded in mystery to many mechanics and professionals. 

This is probably down to the complexity of the Air Conditioning system and strict laws that are now in place regarding refrigerant handling, the specialist equipment required to carry out the required work on the system components. 

Only a professional garage which handles a significant amount of air conditioning work would be able to justify the necessary investment to carry out the work. 

Vehicle air conditioning servicing is quite simply not just a case of pressing buttons on a Automatic Charging Station to charge the system, these units at times miss micro leaks and can leave you at further expense especially when issues are not detected. 

If your Air Conditioning system is empty I will carry out a full 15 minute Oxygen Free Nitrogen Test prior to charging the system giving you total peace of mind that no defects within the system are present. It is necessary to understand the operation and functionality of the A/C system to correctly diagnose and repair any faults that are present.

This is where Climate Change Vehicle Air Conditioning comes into it`s own class providing the customer with a very affordable alternative instead of paying for inflated garage prices and all the specialist work involved carried out at a place convenient for you.
  At home or at your place of work.
  At a time suitable to meet your requirements. 

Climate Change Vehicle Air Conditioning

I regularly assist Dealerships and Independent Garages, undertaking servicing & repairs that they do not have the knowledge or specialist tools to do so.  

Climate Change Vehicle Air Conditioning

The service I offer is comprehensive to say the least which consists of:

  Mechanics Covers applied to the Vehicle Exterior to eliminate   damage.

  Safe removal of existing refrigerant.

  15 minute leak test using Oxygen Free Nitrogen. 
  A full 30 to 45 minute deep vacuum of the system to remove all moisture.

  The system will then be charged with the correct amount of refrigerant as per manufacturers recommendations. 

  Introduction of Leak Dye and the required specified lubricant to maintain system efficiency.  

Leaving you with the utmost comfort at the turn of a switch!

Please note: The Leak Testing process is the most important part of the service. It is NOT acceptable to Recharge the A/C system whilst a leak is present. This is bad practice and against the LAW!

The A/C Service takes approximately 1 hr 30 minutes to complete. Anything less is not sufficient.     


It is advised that Car Air Conditioning servicing is carried out on a regular basis as a system that is not can result not only in poor performance but potential damage which can become expensive to say the least.

Please note: Car Air Conditioning systems have the potential to lose anything between 10 - 20 percent of refrigerant each year. 

Many think that the vehicle air conditioning system is to be operated during warmer spells of weather when the opposite is in fact true. 

Climate Change Vehicle Air Conditioning

On completion of work carried out I always strongly advise my customers to utilize the system even in colder temperatures due to the system which holds a lubrication oil which in turn keeps the system functioning at it`s optimum performance as well as placing less stress on the components, Compressor, `O` rings etc. avoiding damage and ultimately costly replacement or repair. 

It is advised that the vehicle air conditioning system is therefore operated at least for 3 minutes a week, preferably more!

Climate Change Vehicle Air Conditioning can offer to you, a very competitive service at a very competitive price. 

I aim to give customers:

 100% guaranteed satisfaction 
  Work carried out to the highest of standards
  Giving you an honest and reliable alternative.

Climate Change Vehicle Air Conditioning

Many a vehicle parts business etc. are all too ready to sell to the customer Do It Yourself refrigerant kits, this does not do justice as you are just topping the system up without the need to determine what state the air conditioning system is in, which in turn eliminates:

  Diagnosing any faults that may be present 
  Leaving your Car Air Conditioning system in a compromising state

When you consider the car is the second biggest purchase to a home, it makes sense to maintain it correctly.

Climate Change Vehicle Air Conditioning

I am able to offer a repair service for the system pipework on site if a defect is identified. This service can avoid: 

  Costly repairs in parts and labour.
  Repaired without removal (Accessibility pending)

Climate Change Vehicle Air Conditioning

If you prefer, the Pipework can be removed and forwarded to me and it will receive my prompt attention and dispatched once the repair is complete. 

I DO NOT advise or condone the use of any form of Leak Sealant as this will have a damaging impact on your Car`s Air Conditioning System. The risk is also present that if Leak Sealant has been administered, specialist tools may also become contaminated leading to irreparable damage.  

Climate Change Vehicle Air Conditioning

All my work is guaranteed with a service stamp incorporated for my customers to clarify the work has been carried out in accordance with the manufacturers warranty. I will update the service booklet accordingly, therefore maintaining the value of your vehicle in the long term. 

Climate Change Vehicle Air Conditioning

With a variety of offerings to choose from, I`m sure you'll be happy working with me.

Take a look around my website and if you have any comments or questions, please feel free to contact me.

I am always happy and available to offer Free, totally independent,  impartial advice! 


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