Climate Change Vehicle Air Conditioning

Climate Change Vehicle Air Conditioning

Climate Change Vehicle Air Conditioning Mobile Service

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Re-gassing, Servicing, System Repair, Computer Diagnostic Analysis, Oxygen Free Nitrogen Leak Testing, U/V Dye Leak Testing.

All service work carried out will include Pressure testing, UV Dye Leak Testing, Re-gassing and diagnosing any issues that may arise, which will be reported back to the customer at the earliest opportunity.

Due to a sharp price increase in Refrigerant type R134a the prices below are correct as of the 11th April 2018. The increase is due to HFC phase down in accordance with guidance on the EU F-Gas Regulation and end user cost. 


  • From £45.00 inclusive of Oxygen Free Nitrogen Pressure Test (No faults present).
  • Fault diagnostic analysis £45.00. 
  • Hourly rate charged at £35.00
All prices are correct as of  the 11th April 2018.
Pricing is based on the vehicle air conditioning system operating without fault and re-charge amount of approx 500g of refrigerant (R134a)
For each additional 500g an additional charge will be made for example:
  • 500g and over £50.00
  • 1000g (1kg) and over £75.00
  • 2000g (2kg) and over £150.00

HFO-1234yf  £125.00

Pricing for R12 (Direct drop in replacement).
  • Up to 1kg £100.00
  • Over 1kg £150.00  
The price is inclusive of discharge and suction side service port upgrade to R134a coupler and service label

Climate Change Vehicle Air Conditioning
Bacterial Clean : £25.00
£15.00 when combined with any A/C Service.

The ATOM Machine is a powerful electronic ultrasonic nebulizer designed to atomise the specially formulated Atom sanitising liquid, the resulting fine vapours (less than 5 micron) are distributed by the vehicles A/C System to sanitise and deodorise the cockpit and A/C System. The Atom Machine
provides an effective yet economical sanitising and deodorising solution which is a superior method than alternatives such as aerosol cleansing which do nothing but leave a temporary perfumed smell at best. 

Climate Change Vehicle Air Conditioning

Dash Warning Light / Lights on?
OBD II Diagnostic Fault Code Reading and Fault Code Clearing analysis.

A call out charge of £10.00 may be made if the air conditioning system was diagnosed as having a fault before any work had been undertaken. 

The call out charge is strictly to cover expenses incurred, fuel costs etc.

If you wish further investigation a charge of £45.00 will be made payable for diagnosing the fault within the A/C system and an hourly rate of £35.00 thereafter applies.  

Most faults are readily identified within the initial diagnostic analysis.   

Car Air Conditioning-Climate Change Vehicle Air Conditioning

I fully understand and appreciate the need to keep costs to the absolute minimum and I would not expect any customer to pay more for a part than I would be prepared to pay myself. Therefore, if the need should arise where parts are required I will inform the customer of their options regarding purchasing etc, but I will endeavor to obtain any part required at the cheapest possible price!

My approach has always been to give an honest and trustworthy service,  I obtain a lot of my work through word of mouth and understand the importance of the customer and how they perceive what value they are getting in return of any financial outlay.

All work is guaranteed to the highest of standards. 

If you have any questions whatsoever, feel free to contact me and I will be pleased to discuss your requirements.